Pressure Boosters for Nitrogen Generators


Membrane and PSA nitrogen gas generators deliver a fixed flowrate of nitrogen gas at a fixed pressure. Occasionally, nitrogen is required at higher pressures than the generator can deliver. Air-driven gas pressure boosters can boost this pressure to the desired level but must not exceed the flow capability of the generator. Matching the speed of booster operation to the flow capability of the generator requires cycle rate controls for the booster. We use a PLC to control booster speed, which reduces the likelihood of improper modification of booster operating conditions and consequent reduction of gas purity or damage to the generator.

Our turnkey systems require a nitrogen supply and discharge connection, an air pressure supply connection and a 110 VAC control power line. The desired booster operating conditions are programmed at the factory and tested prior to shipment. Operating flowrate can be increased or reduced by 5% or 10% after the unit has shipped. Larger variations require reprogramming the PLC.

Pressure booster systems for:


Available in 2019 • Nitrogen Generator and Cylinder Fill Station


Nitrogen generator and cylinder fill station

» 2250 psig max pressure at 1 scfm




Gas Booster Compressor

» 2500 psig max pressure at 1 scfm

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