N2 Generation & Cylinder Fill Systems


Midwest Pressure Systems introduces a stand alone nitrogen generation & cylinder fill system designed to produce high pressure 99% pure nitrogen at 50 SCFH for a wide variety of industrial applications. The system is electrically-driven, non-lubricated, reciprocating compressor that uses hydraulically-driven, large-diameter, air-cooled boost pistons to operate at very low cycle rates (about 4 cpm). The resulting low velocity and low temperature of the TeflonŽ piston seals enable over 10,000 hours of 24/7 operation with no maintenance requirements. A distance piece isolates the hydraulic drive from the gas boost cylinder eliminating potential contamination of the gas.

The N2 System includes an air compressor, inlet filteration, a membrane air dryer, a membrane N2 generator, a small supply tank & the high pressure booster.

Optional DOT cylinders available, OPTION CX (X equals the number of cylinders)


Designed and made in the USA
3.0HP, 230VAC, 16A
99% purity at 50 SCFH
Maximum discharge pressure of 2400 psi
Oil-free compression
24/7 continous duty
Over 10,000 hours of service life
Air cooled
4" Touchscreen control screen
User adjustable high pressure shutdown settings
Includes inlet discharge filters
Includes safety relief valve



Brochures for booster models used in systems


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