N2 Generation & Cylinder Fill Systems


This stand alone, turnkey, nitrogen cylinder fill system will produce 50 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH) of 99% purity nitrogen at 2400 psig. It can fill 5 empty DOT industrial gas cylinders a day.

An air-cooled, non-lubricated, reciprocating air compressor feeds a filter, aftercooler and membrane dryer producing high purity, dry, compressed air. The compressed air feeds a membrane nitrogen generator which delivers 50 SCFH of nitrogen at 99% purity. This nitrogen is fed to an air-cooled, two-stage, non-lubricated, hydraulically-driven booster compressor which increases the nitrogen pressure up to a maximum of 2400 psig. This compressor operates at very low cycle rates (about 4 cycles per minute) and is designed for 24/7 operation and a minimum of 10,000 hours of operation with no maintenance required.



Accessories available at additional cost are:

Pigtails to feed cylinders with CGA580 connectors
3000 cubic inch (13 gallon) DOT cylinders with CGA580 valves
Mounting hardware for two DOT cylinders

Brochures for booster models used in systems


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