Electric Inert Gas Compressor Models


Midwest Pressure Systems introduces 1.5 horsepower and 3 horsepower electrically-driven, non-lubricated, gas pressure booster compressors. These reciprocating compressors have hydraulically-driven, large-diameter, air-cooled boost pistons which operate at very low cycle rates (5-16 cpm). The resulting low velocity and temperature of the TeflonŽ piston seals enable over 10,000 hours of 24/7 operation with no maintenance requirements. Maximum discharge pressures range from 450 to 2500 psi and flow rates from 45 to 550 SCFH (0.75 to 9.2 SCFM). A distance piece isolates the hydraulic drive from the gas boost cylinder eliminating potential contamination of the gas.


Designed and made in the USA
Oil-free compression
24/7 continous duty
Over 10,000 hours of service life
Air cooled
4" Touchscreen control screen
User adjustable high pressure shutdown settings
Includes 5 micron inlet & discharge filters
Includes safety relief valve


$16,000 - $16,900


HL Series (1.5HP) HH Series (3.0HP)
HL2540-450 HH2540-450
HL3040-650 HH3040-650
HL42-1500 & HL42-2500 HH42-1500 & HH42-2500

HL Series Specifications (1.5HP)

HH Series Specifications (3.0HP)

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