420TAAV090 Gas Booster

10 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-3 scfm Flowrate

The model 420TAAV090 gas pressure booster uses shop air to boost the pressure of a gas stream. The maximum discharge pressure (MDP) is related to the piston area ratio, the shop (drive) air pressure (DA) and the boosted gas (BG) inlet pressure. The maximum discharge pressure can be calculated using the equation listed below.

[(10.8 x DA) + (3.1 x BA)] / 1.4 = MDP

The table below shows the maximum flowrate capability at various discharge pressures versus several boost gas supply pressures with an 80 psi shop (drive) air supply.


The major components of the 420TAAV090 Model gas booster are made of anodized aluminum. The hardware components, check valves and 4-way control valve are stainless steel. Between the drive cylinder and the boost cylinder there is a distance piece with a vent port which prevents cross contamination between the shop air and the boost gas. The booster is non-lubricated, and uses filled Teflon´┐Ż piston seals and rod seals. It requires no electricity, cooling water, or air-line lubricator and is explosion proof.


The 420TAAV090 Model gas booster has a two stage boost gas cylinder. The boost gas cylinder pulls gas in the first stage and pushes it into a second stage. The first stage and second stage cylinders have a volume difference created by the piston rod. This volume difference causes the pressure to increase from the first stage to the second stage. The second stage pushes the boost gas into the discharge line. The shop air piston reciprocates automatically, driving the boost gas piston. The discharge flowrate and pressure are controlled by throttling the shop air flowrate and/or regulating the shop air pressure. When there is no demand for high pressure gas the booster stalls when it reaches the maximum discharge pressure. When there is demand for high pressure gas the pressure in the discharge line drops and the booster restarts automatically. A very small quantity of shop (drive) air is consumed when the booster is stalled.

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Boosted Gas Flowrate in SCFM

Air Supply Pressure (psi) Gas Discharge Pressure (psi)
630 650 670 690 710 730 750 770 790 810
40 2.4 1.8 0.5              
60     3.0 2.1 0.9          
80         3.8 2.9 1.2 0    
100           5.2 4.5 3.4 1.4 0
Flowrate in SCFM
10:1 Gas Booster

Model 420TAAV090 • $4600

  • 10:1 Gas Booster
  • 1305 psi Maximum Pressure
  • 23"(L) x 8.5"(W) x 6"(H) • 31 pounds

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