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MPS Gas Booster Systems can increase the pressure of nitrogen and other inert gases without contamination. These systems are easy to install, economical, explosion proof and require no cooling water or lubricating oil.

MPS provides superior customer service before, during and after the sale. Services include engineering design, engineering support, export service and repairs.

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Midwest Pressure Systems

A Manufacturer of Air and Gas Pressure Booster Systems

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Midwest Pressure Systems designs, manufactures and supports air and gas pressure booster systems. These systems are non-contaminating, explosion proof, compact, easy to install and economical. They require no cooling water, electricity or lubrication. Frequently Asked Questions

Air Pressure Booster Systems (also called Air Pressure Amplifier Systems) are air-driven products that boost shop air pressure. Systems are available in a variety of boost pressures and flow capabilities with or without ASME receiver tanks.  FAQ's

Gas Pressure Booster Systems are used to increase the pressure of inert gases. These systems are air-driven and are available in a variety of boost pressures and flow capabilities.  FAQ's

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